Coat of arms

Fan Makers CrestThe Fan Makers original coat of arms are recorded in Maitland’s History of England of 1739 and a Company minute book of 1775 which both show very similar coats of arms for the Company. The crest was not recorded until 1870, where it can be found in Edmondson’s Complete Body of Heraldry; however, it was only formally authorised in 1988 by Master Patrick Bird. Letters Patent were issued in 1991 thus regularising the position in which a very similar coat of arms had been used for over 200 years.

The blazon is as follows: “Or a fan displayed with a mount of various devices and colours the sticks gules on a chief per pale Gules and Azure dexter a shaving iron over a bundle of fan sticks tied together Or and sinister a framed saw in pale gold and for the crest upon a Helm with a wreath Or and Gules a dexter hand couped below the wrist proper holding a fan displayed Or”

Interestingly the Company’s coat of arms incorporates the tools of a stick maker not a fan maker: a shaving iron for planing rough fan sticks, a bundle of these sticks and a framed saw which was used to shape and cut designs in the sticks. The Company is in the course of petitioning for a grant of supporters to the arms.

The Livery Company’s modern Coat of Arms:

Fan Makers Image of new arms (Medium Size)