In addition to a collection of some 250 fans which are referred to in detail on the Fans Page, the Company owns the following treasures:

Beadles StaffMace: Carried by the Beadle in front of the Master at all company occasions, the bamboo staff and orb could date from 1696. The silver fan was added by Master Michael Burnett in 1726 and embellished with the Company’s coat of arms by Master Richard Ringwood in 1759.

Davis Cup

The Davis Cup: This is hallmarked 1813, and is silver gilt. Made by Garrards and used as a loving cup, the piece was created during the reign of George III.

Ritter & Smallman Cups

The Ritter & Smallman Cups: Used as loving cups, these two, presented by Christian Ritter and Sir Henry Smallman in their year as Master (1892 & 1893) are almost matching.
The Rosewater Bowl & Ewer: Given by Master Frank Collins in 1896. Modelled on an Elizabethan original, they are similar to the ones used by the Skinners’ Company.

Poor BoxThe Poor Box: A substantial silver casket by Searle & Co dated 1939, presented by Master Bernard Ross Collins in 1940. Plates record various members of the family who have served the Company. It is used to accept fees at Court meetings.

Masters BadgeThe Master’s Badge: Designed and purchased by the Court in 1878. The gold chain was presented in 1895 by Alderman and Master R W Chase.
Old Testament: Printed in Oxford in 1726 and presented to the Company in 1737 by James Brooker. He also gave a New Testament, which is used every time a new Freeman makes his declaration.

Portrait of HRH Princess Alice, The Duchess of Gloucester, in red evening dress: Painted by Ernest Hayes, and presented by Master Thomas Swan in 1956. It hangs on the staircase of the Skinners’ Hall.

Cigar Box

Fan-Shaped Cigar Box: Presented by Past Master Norman Latchford in 1972. Made by Garrard & Co, it is complemented by the Silver Cigar Cutters, donated by Master John Selby in 1969.
The Clerk’s Badge: Presented by Michael Druitt in 2007 as a replacement.
A Modern Rose Water Bowl: Presented by Past Master Connor.

Bodin Cup

The Bodin Cup: Wine goblet presented by Assistant Peter Dove for shooting in memory of Liveryman George Bodin’s love of the sport.

CIV Silver Capped and engraved Swagger Stick: dated 1900 and used at the call to arms by Past Master Newton.

Other Treasures include:

  • Books: Naturalisation of Jacob Chassereau (1709),William and Mary’s Act of Parliament: encouraging settlement of Huguenots in England.
  • Maps showing location of Fannmakers’ Hall or Meeting Place in Red Cross Street: dated 1668, 1749 and 1799.
  • Documents: Patent Rolls (1709).

Armorial Banners of Prominent Fan Makers

Crawford Banner

Sir Homeward Crawford (Master 1877)

Sugden Banner

John Sugden (Master 1878)

Whitehead Banner

Sir James Whitehead Bt MP FSA FRHS FRSS (Master 1884 & Lord Mayor 1888)

Hudson Banner

F Hudson (Master 1885)

Sir Alfred Kirby (Sheriff 1886)

Pound Banner

Sir John Pound Bt (Master 1891, Sheriff 1895 & Lord Mayor 1904)

Newton Banner

Sir Alfred James Newton (Sheriff 1888, Master 1899 & Lord Mayor 1899)

Davis Banner

Sir A. Harris