2010 Shooting Report

2010 Master Presentation Pic

Master J.Hayes Presents P.Payne the Bodin Cup

 The Worshipful Company of Fan Makers Shooting Society entered two teams for the 17th Inter-Livery Clay Pigeon Shoot at the Holland and Holland Shooting Grounds in Northwood. The event was held on Wednesday 19th May with 99 teams taking part representing 58 individual City Livery Companies.

A new name appears on the Bodin Cup following this year’s shoot. Paul Payne just pipped John Naylor to the top spot with an overall score of 67 points out of a possible 80. Paul finished in 6th= place overall, just two behind the late George Bodin’s 2006 record 4th placed score for a Fan Maker with 69 points and, also, only 6 points behind the 2010 individual winner, Ross Straker, a Gun Maker, with 73 points.

John Naylor, the winner of the Bodin Cup for the past two years with a score of 56 on each occasion, can feel extremely unfortunate since, having increased his score to 63 (10th =) in 2010, he still missed out on the top spot.

2010 A team Pic

‘A’ Team

The Fan Makers ‘A’ team achieved its highest ever score at the Inter-Livery Shoot with a magnificent 302 points out of a possible 400, up an impressive 35 points from the 2009 score and placing the team in 6th= position overall.

2010 Paul & ShirleyThe standard of the Company’s shooting is certainly rising and for the first time since its participation in this competition, each member of the ‘A’ team recorded a higher score than last year’s top Fan Maker score (Michael O’Shea (15th =) scored 58 points and Shirley Payne (16 =) scored 57 points); an outstanding team effort.

2010 B Team Pic

‘B’ Team

The Fan Makers ‘B’ team came in to its own at the Flush stand with an excellent 59 ‘kills’ out of a possible 80, thereby scoring more than their ‘A’ team counterparts. Interestingly, had the ‘A’ team scored the same as the ‘B’ team in the Flush, 59 points as opposed to 57, then the ‘A’ team would have been placed 4th= overall in the competition, and had it equalled its 2009 Flush score of 66 ‘kills’ then the ‘A’ team would have finished 3rd overall in the 2010 team competition.

The final Fan Makers team positions and scores (out of a possible 400) for the day were:
Fan Makers ‘A’: 6th= with 302 points
Fan Makers ‘B’: 47th= with 221 points

Those representing The Worshipful Company of Fan Makers at the 2010 Inter-Livery Clay Shoot were: John Naylor, Michael O’Shea, Paul Payne, Shirley Payne (guest) (all ‘A’ team), Richa2010 Dinesh Picrd Jeffery, Nick Mason (guest), Dinesh Naidu, Sean Ferries (guest) (all ‘B’ team).

It is not often that a Master of the Company graces the Shooting Society’s annual showpiece with his presence and this year we were delighted and honoured to welcome the current Master John Hayes at the Holland and Holland Shooting grounds. The Master very kindly agreed to present the Bodin Cup to Paul Payne and then joined members of the Company and their guests for a buffet lunch at the end of a very enjoyable day.

It was a pleasure to see Shirley Payn2010 Gun Pice and Nick Mason returning as guests of the Company at this year’s shoot, and also to welcome, at their first Inter-Livery Clay Shoot, Liveryman Dinesh Naidu and his ‘soon to be’ son in law Sean Ferries.

The 2011 Inter-Livery Clay Shoot will take place at the Holland and Holland Shooting Grounds on Wednesday 18th May.