2012 Shooting Report

2012 Naylor Cup

J. Naylor Wins the Bodin Cup

Wishful thinking, you might say, but this was the year that the Master (and Secretary of the Shooting Society) imagined that by simply turning up at the 2012 Inter livery Clay Pigeon Shoot the Bodin Cup would be his for the taking. However, with scant regard for seniority in the Company and, clearly, with little consideration given to the fact that this annual shoot is primarily a charitable occasion, those two wily sharpshooters, John ‘black glove’ Naylor and Paul ‘the pipe’ Payne, were once again scrapping for the top spot.

The spring drought having developed into an early summer soaking, and with another wet day anticipated, the waterproofs were on standby in the vehicles. And that’s where they remained with the sun breaking through and the less able shots once again welcoming the opportunity to cry, ‘Honest captain, the sun, it was so bright, I could barely see the birds’.

John Naylor (pictured below), absent last year, but returning to Fan Maker ranks with trademark single black leather glove and some typically clinical shooting, was one short of equalling Paul Payne’s 2011 score of 64 ‘kills’ from the 80 birds presented. John and Paul were accompanied by Dinesh Naidu and Michael O’Shea in an all Fan Maker ‘A’ team, which finished 28= overall. John was placed 11= (out of over 400 competitors) in the individual scoring.

A bit of a surprise, the Fan Makers ‘B’ team captained by Mark Taylor actually outscored the Company’s ‘A’ team though it should be noted that Mark, together with the three guest shots, Shirley Payne, and the Surrey backwoodsmen, Will and Jerry Bland, made for a very competitive ‘B’ team. Jerry dropped just 20 shots all morning. The ‘B’ team finished 21st= in the team rankings with 261 ‘kills’ from a possible 400.

If there was any disappointment to the day it was the poor showing by the Fan Maker ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams at the Flush Stand. Unusual, since our teams generally perform well at this discipline. The excitement of the moment or, scheduled as it was later in the morning, had the focus drifted more to the hog roast challenge than the offering from the high tower.

When it was their turn to compete at the Flush Stand, Fan Makers ‘C’ team members, John Hughes, Andrew Freeston, and Clifford and Alex Towse, received a welcome boost to morale recording a very respectable 50 ‘kills’ from the 80 birds presented, and mention should also be made of Alex’s impressive personal score of 60 ‘kills’ out of 80, which placed him 14th= out of 400 in the overall individual ranking.

The Master, his hope of a respectful ‘walk-over’ for the Bodin Cup dismissed by his Fan Maker teammates, seized the chance to remind his fellow liverymen of his leadership and competitive qualities when out-hogging the hog at the superb buffet luncheon.

The Golfing Society can rightly crow about its impressive and sizeable silverware but take a look at the smile on John Naylor’s (pictured above) face and you’ll appreciate just how important it is to him and, indeed, all members of the Shooting Society to receive the award of the Shooting Society’s highly prized, though diminutive, Bodin Cup. Well done, John.

At the end of a most enjoyable and superbly organised day, with £8,000 raised for 18 separate charities, some excellent sport and having had a lot of fun, Fan Makers and their guests departed with full tums and spirits high.

The 2013 Inter Livery Clay Shoot will be held at the Holland and Holland Shooting Ground on Wednesday 22nd May.