2011 Shooting Report

2011 PPayne Cup

P.Payne Wins the Bodin Cup

On a blustery but thankfully dry day, two Worshipful Company of Fan Makers Shooting Society teams took part in the 18th Inter-Livery Clay Pigeon Shooting Competition at the Holland and Holland Shooting Grounds in Northwood. The annual event was held this year on Wednesday 18th May with 116 teams from 55 City of London Livery Companies taking part, including a record number of 467 individual participants.

In addition to the variety of trophies presented by the event’s organisers at the end of the shoot, within the Fan Makers representation the Bodin Cup is awarded to the Fan Maker with the day’s highest score.

2011 Lakin & Dove PicThe 2010 top scoring Fan Maker, Paul Payne, ended the day with 64 points out of a possible 80, placing him 13th= overall and winning him the Bodin Cup for the second successive year. As an indication of the high standard of the competition’s shooting, the competition winner and member of the Butchers Company, Ross Straker, hit 79 of the 80 targets presented. Shirley Payne, Dinesh Naidu and Michael O’Shea, who will have been delighted to improve on his 2010 total of 58 hitting 61 targets this year, completed the Fan Maker ‘A’ team representation.

2011 A Team PicThough not quite able to match its exceptional 2010 overall score, the Fan Makers ‘A’ team did surpass the previous year’s Flush total recording 62 clays hit out of a possible 80. To those readers of this report who are unfamiliar with the terminology, the Flush stand involves the whole team shooting together at 80 clays, which are presented to the guns in quick succession in groups of between two and six at a time – testing and very exciting but also marvellous for warming one’s barrel hand on a chilly day.

The Fan Makers ‘B’ team maintained its 2010 form in the Flush stand with an impressive 58 ‘kills’ out of the possible 80. Setting the pace for the team and improving year on year, Peter Dove recorded an individual score of 59 from his 80 targets, helping to raise the team’s overall score to what resea2011 B Team Picrch indicates to be the highest ever for the ‘B’ team in this event. Peter was ably supported by fellow team members, Mike Lakin, Sean Ferries and John Hughes.

What a shame there isn’t a prize for the tallest team of guns. The Fan Makers ‘B’ team would certainly have swept all before them. Colin Bramall, anticipate a phone call if this category is added ahead of next year’s competition.

Peter Dove provides an easily impressed Mike Lakin with details of his hatter in St. James’s
The final Fan Makers team positions and scores (out of a possible 400) for the day were:
Fan Makers ‘A’: 9th with 283 points
Fan Makers ‘B’: 41st with 245 points

Fan Makers were delighted to welcome returning guests, Shirley Payne and Sean Ferries, to their ranks for the 2011 shoot.

 2011 Lunch Pic