2013 Shooting Report

2013 Bodin Cup Pic

Shirley Payne Wins the Bodin Cup

  The 2013 Inter Livery Clay Pigeon Shoot at the Holland and Holland Shooting Ground was a particularly memorable occasion for ‘Team Payne’, with Paul being awarded the Shooting Society’s Bodin Cup and Shirley (pictured below) taking home the trophy for the competition’s Top Lady Gun. Since Peter Dove made his presentation of the Bodin Cup to the Shooting Society, to be awarded to the highest scoring Fan Maker at the annual Inter Livery Clay Pigeon Shoot, there have been just the two names (with three wins each) engraved on its base, those of this year’s winner, Paul Payne, and John Naylor, who scored highest in the 2012 competition.

No doubt, this year, Paul and the other Fan Maker representatives should anticipate stiffer competition from our Free Warden, John Naylor who, before a shot was fired at last year’s competition, was eager to point out that jetlag from his recent trip to Vietnam was likely to affect his shooting performance. There was, of course, nothing to suggest that Mike Lakin’s recent return from a business trip to Brisbane had affected his shooting!2013 Gun Pic

The three teams (only the Gunmakers’ Company with, unsurprisingly, 8 teams and the Butchers’ Company with 6 teams had a bigger entry) representing the Company included five guests, Shirley Payne, Sean Ferries, Will Bland, Paul Tripp and Ian Raishbrook competing alongside team regulars Mike Lakin, Terry Lee, Dinesh Naidu, John Naylor, Paul Payne, Mark Taylor and John Hughes.

Accompanying us though purely in a supporting role, it was a pleasure this year to welcome the Master, Patrick King; Patrick has previously represented the Company as a competitor at this annual event. Encouraging the teams throughout the day he was on hand to make the presentation of the Bodin Cup and to join the guns at the end of event buffet lunch.

Shirley Payne’s success in the competition deserves a special mention since, not only has she competed with Fan Maker teams every year since her husband, Paul, joined the Company as a liveryman in 2006, but this is the second occasion (the first with a score of 56 in 2006) that she has won the competition’s Top Lady Gun award. This year Shirley hit 60 of the 80 clays presented.

The top Fan Maker scores from a maximum 80 for each year since the Bodin Cup was first awarded are 56 (John Naylor-2008), 56 (John Naylor-2009), 67 (Paul Payne-2010), 64 (Paul Payne-2011), 63 (John Naylor-2012), and 63 (Paul Payne-2013). The late George Bodin’s score of 69 in 2006 remains the record score for a Fan Maker at this event.

The final scores (out of a possible 400) and overall event position for each of the Fan Maker teams were: Fan Makers ‘A’: 294 (6=), Fan Makers ‘B’: 229 (41st=), and Fan Makers ‘C’: 199 (56=). Mention should be made of the ‘A’ team’s impressive score of 65 out of 80 in the ‘flush’ stand and guest, Will Bland’s, individual score of 63.

2013 Shooting PicFor the record, 112 teams entered the 2013 Inter Livery Clay Pigeon Shoot. The winning score was 77 out of 80 (Ross Straker – Butchers’ Company). The event raised £7800 for charitable causes, including £1000 towards the Lord Mayor’s Charity

The 2014 Inter Livery Clay Shoot will be held at the Holland and Holland Shooting Ground on Wednesday 21st May.

2013 Social PicThank you to Dinesh Naidu for organising last August’s successful simulated pheasant shoot at Meon Springs. It was not only incredibly exciting but also, for one or two of us, it was the first time we had experienced this type of shooting. The weather conditions were just about perfect and all in a beautiful part of the Hampshire countryside. With a very good representation from the livery and a number of their guests, the sport was followed by a very relaxing steak barbeque on the clubhouse veranda overlooking the springs. It really was tremendous fun and is to be repeated in 2014 on Saturday 2nd August. Dinesh welcomes interest to participate in this year’s event.