About the Livery

Incorporated in 1709 during the reign of Queen Anne but very active as the Guild of Fan Makers from at least the reign of Charles II, today’s Fan Makers’ Company is the youngest of the ‘old’ City Livery Companies being the last to receive a Royal Charter for nearly 300 years and becoming the 76th Livery Company in order of precedence. Those that have followed have usually been incorporated by the City alone.

The Master

Peter joined the Fan Makers in 1995 from its affiliated TA Army Unit, 217 Field Squadron Royal Engineers Explosive Ordnance Disposal and serving 20 years until 2020.As a Chartered Surveyor he worked in asset, investment and fund  management for 40 years  from 1980 in London and Europe. Mostly working in industrial and office assets with both institutional and family office investors.  He founded his first company in 1991; sold to a PLC in 2006; and another, Cording, in 2008 which he sold in 2018 to Edmund de Rothschilds.

Coat of Arms

The earliest known version of the Fan Makers’ Company arms is seen in Maitland’s History of London of 1739 and show a large fan below a shaving iron, a bundle of fan sticks and a frame saw, all tools of the fan stick maker’s trade. The crest of a hand holding an open fan is first recorded in 1780. The shield and crest had been used for many years before they were formally granted by the College of Arms in 1991. The heraldic supporters in the arms symbolise different aspects of modern mechanical fan making and were granted in 2015. The Company began its association with the mechanical fan industry early in the 20th century and has since had many Liverymen and Masters from this field.

The griffin on clouds holding a multi-vaned aircraft jet fan reflects the use of high-performance fans in aviation engines. The City of London dragon standing on the steps of a building represents the use of fans in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning provided by building service engineers.
The blue and red wings symbolise the cooling and heating effect of fans. The six bladed fan represents the many other uses of fans in the modern world from cooling computers and drying wet hands to ventilating the Channel Tunnel.

The Court

The Fan Makers are regulated by a governing body which is today referred to as the Court (the Board of Directors) composed of the Master elected for one year, two Wardens from whom the Master would normally be elected, and 13 Assistants.  In addition there are two elected officers- the Clerk, who provides the administrative support for the Company, and the Beadle, our Master of Ceremonies.

Our Home

Saddlers' Hall is a livery hall located in the City of London, near St. Paul's Cathedral. The hall was originally built in 1395, but has undergone several renovations over the years. The current building was designed by Robert Hooke and completed in 1689. The interior of the hall is adorned with impressive artwork and furnishings, including a 17th-century staircase and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I.

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Our Societies

To promote the friendships and connections that are built within the livery, we house a number of societies wherein our members can socialise and share in their common interests, all with a little competitive spirit.

The Shooting Society

The Shooting Society welcomes all members who enjoy shooting to join them at the annual inter-livery clay shoot. Other shooting events, both clay and game, are held each year on an ad hoc basis. There is no membership fee and each event is attended on a pay as you shoot basis. It’s all about enjoying the day and whatever your standard of shooting you’ll fit in.

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The Golf Society

The Society was established in 1932 and the following year became a member of The Livery Companies Golfing Society which organises the Prince Arthur Cup, the most prestigious golf competition in Livery circles.
The ethos behind the Society is for friendly social occasions with the standard of play being of less importance.

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