History of the Livery


1670 – Guild of Fanmakers petition to Parliament
1697 – Date on Company Mace


1709 – Charter granted on 19th April by Queen Anne
1710 – Company’s Hall in Red Cross Street
1711 – Drawing up of (failed) By-laws
1726 – Silver fan added to the Company Mace
1741 – By-laws revised
1747 – First Extant Records
1759 – Company Arms added to the Mace
1775 – Earliest surviving Minute Book

1800 - 1850

1809 – Company granted livery of 60 on
20th June by the Court of Aldermen
1846 – Company entertained the
Lord Mayor for the first time

1850 - 1880

1870 – The first competitive exhibition of fans, under Queen Victoria’s patronage at South Kensington Museum. Also a period of low interest in the Company due to declining trade caused by foreign competition
1877 – Rebirth of the Company under Master Sir Homewood Crawford Banner of Company Arms presented
1878 – Master’s Badge purchased by the Court Company Seal presented Second competitive exhibition of fans at the Drapers’ Hall
1879 – Permission granted by the Court of Aldermen to increase the Livery Company from 60 to 100

1880 - 1900

1888 – Sir James Whitehead became the
first Fan Maker to become Lord Mayor
1897 – The prize-winning fan from the Company’s exhibition was presented by the Fan Maker’s Company to Queen Victoria to commemorate her Diamond Jubilee.
1899 – Sir Alfred Newton becomes the second
Fan Maker to be elected Lord Mayor

1900 - 1910

1902 – Presentation of fan to Queen Alexandra on 24th June on her Coronation
1904 – Sir John Pound becomes third Fan Maker to be elected Lord Mayor
1907 – Sir John Bell becomes fourth Fan Maker to become Lord Mayor


1910 –The Company presented a Honiton lace fan to Queen Mary on the Coronation of George V
1915 – Wardens’ Badges of Office
presented to the Company
1917 – Cook Fund established to benefit
Liverymen of the Fan Makers in need
1918 – Freedom of the Company presented to The Rt
Hon Lord Morris for services to the British Empire

1920 - 1930

1926 – Honorary Freedom of the Company presented to HRH The Princess Royal, Princess Mary

1930 - 1940

1934 – Sir Stephen Killik elected fifth Lord Mayor, Inauguration of the Latchford Prize Competition
1937 – Master Heywood presented a fan to Queen Elizabeth for her coronation with George VI
1939 – Air conditioning recognised by the company as a modern form of the craft of fan making

1940 - 1950

1944 – St Dionis Hall, Lime Street, first
used as the Company Hall
1945 – Sir Charles Davis elected as the
Company’s sixth Lord Mayor
1946 – First presentation of a fan to the
Lord Mayor’s Lady
1947 – An antique fan was presented at Buckingham Palace to Princess Elizabeth
1948 – Honorary Freedom of the Company presented to HRH Princess Alice, The Duchess of Gloucester.

1950 - 1960

1951 – The Poor Fund was instituted by
Trust Deed for the relief of poverty
1952 – Church Hall of St Botolph Without, Bishopsgate, restored and opened on 23rd October
1953 – Master George Pykett MC presented to
Queen Elizabeth II on her coronation a
specially commissioned fan
1956 – HRH The Duchess of Gloucester became the first member of the Royal Family to dine with the Company
1959 – Company celebrated its 250th Anniversary of Charter at the Fishmongers’ Hall and the Mansion House attended by TRH The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester

1960 - 1970

1960 – A fan was presented to Princess Margaret on her marriage to the Earl of Snowden. Gowns for the Master and Wardens presented to the Company
1963 – Burglary at the Hall resulted in the loss of Princess Alice’s fans (inherited from Princess Louise)
1966 – Increase in the Livery from 200 to 250 granted
1968 – Ladies permitted to attend the Annual Livery Dinner, at the Mansion House, for the first time. Past Master Hector Young initiated the Hector Young Fund

1970 - 1980

1972 – HRH The Prince and Princess Richard of Gloucester attend the Annual Livery
Banquet at the Mansion House.
1973 – Fan Makers’ Charitable Trust Fund established
1974 – HRH The Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone, presents 30 fans to the Company collection.
1975 – HRH The Duchess of Gloucester (formerly Princess Richard of Gloucester)received the Honorary Freedom of the Company on 10th April. The Fan Circle International inaugurated at the Fan Makers’ Hall

1980 - 1990

1981 – Lady Diana Spencer received a fan on her marriage to the Prince of Wales.
1985 – Presentation to Diana, Princess of Wales, as special guest at the Mansion House dinner.
1986 – Presentation to Miss Sara Ferguson on her marriage to Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.
1988 – 217 (London) Field Squadron Royal Engineers adopted by the Company. The first traditional fan maker for at least 60 years is admitted to the Freedom and the Livery

1990 - 2000

1991 – Letters Patent issued for the Company’s
Coat of Arms
1992 – Company moved to Skinners’ Hall in Dowgate Hill
1993 – Elizabeth Lansbury Nursery School
adopted by the Company
1994 – HMS Westminster adopted by the Company
1999 – Sophie Rhys-Jones received a special edition of the Company’s Millennium fan and an 18th century silk fan with ivory sticks on her marriage to Prince Edward

2000 - Present day

2000 – Millennium Exhibition2005– HRH The Duchess of Gloucester is installed as the first Lady Liveryman in modern times
2006 – Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall presented with a fan by Master Tony O’Hagan following her marriage to the Prince of Wales.
2009 – The Company celebrated the 300th anniversary of the granting of its Royal Charter2012– Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge presented with a fan by Master Jim Moore following her marriage to Prince William
2012 – Her Majesty the Queen presented with an English fan made to commemorate her Diamond Jubilee (as did Queen Victoria in 1897)